5 Valid reasons to switch to eco-friendly bags:


We all know the consequences of using plastic bags. Many countries have already imposed a strict ban on using these. Plastic has not only hampered the environment, but also affected living beings and several species. Their slow degradation process makes it worse for the overall ecological balance. Thus, TNT Industrie sacs tissu durable and similar brands have worked to maintaining this balance with the ecofriendly products.

We have several reasons to discuss why it is good to maintain that balance by switching to biodegradable bags. Let’s discuss a few most prominent reasons that also explain the merits of using these bags for several purposes.

5 Reasons to use eco-friendly bags:

  1. Minimal wastage:

Unlike plastic, ecofriendly bags result in less wastage in the environment. If you consider the various surveys, researches, and numbers, on an average a person uses 150 plastic bags annually. However, ecofriendly bags reduce the number.

  1. Minimal pollution:

Plastic bags greatly contribute to landfill wastage. Due to their slow degradation process, these take longer to recycle. Thus, the concern of landfill and wastage continues. However, if people are aware of switching to ecofriendly bags, you are minimizing the toxic polymer particles in the air and also saving the water pollution.

  1. Natural resource preservation:

It takes chunks of natural reserves to produce plastic. For instance, one country uses about 12 million barrels of oil to manufacture plastic bags. This can result in loss of natural resources. The worse thing is these bags take years for the recycling process and some don’t even get recycled. Companies have thus started investing in recycled bags and they are running various awareness programs for people to realize the importance of preserving natural resources.

  1. Economical option:

Ecofriendly bags are cheaper than plastic bags. It is because of their durability, you don’t have to buy more every time. These can be reused for a long time making them an affordable and economical investment. Also plastic bags may be free or cheap to use but, these can turn expensive for the cleanup. Thus, one or the other way, you are paying more as plastic tax for the plastic cleanup.

  1. Comfortable and trendy:

Ecofriendly bags like TNT Industrie sacs tissu durable make a wise investment as their looks give you the mood to go out and shop. These bags can be customized for personal promotions as well. Therefore, they carry the trend where you go and vice versa.

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