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Although crypto industry saw many setbacks over the past year, the interests and demand for cryptocurrency from investors in the world is huge. As crypto asset is becoming more and more popular in the world, more and more crypto exchanges emerge. If you are interested in crypto trading, choosing a best crypto exchange is the most important first step.

Next, we will compare BTCC, Coinbase and, three leading exchanges in the world, from different metrics, like supported cryptocurrencies, safety, fees, user friendliness, service scope and customer service. We believe this comparison will help you become more forward-looking and make better choice.

Key takeaways

  1. Featuring by its ease of use and simple approach to crypto investing, Coinbase is one of the most popular trading platforms in Canada.
  2. com stands out inlow fees and high credit card rewards, it may be a better choice for users with investment preference in this two aspects. l
  3. BTCC, one of the longest-running exchangesin the world, may be a better choice for users looking for large selection of cryptocurrencies and low withdraw fee.
BTCC vs. Coinbase vs.
  BTCC Coinbase
Supported Cryptocurrencies 300+ 260+ 250+
Safety Industry-leading security, with no reported hacks or security breaches to date Known for its strong security measures and insurance coverage for digital assets Highly secure, with 100% of assets held safely and fully backed by reserves
Fees Compared with other major crypto exchanges, the fees charged by BTCC is relative low, such as only charging 0.06% for both takers and makers Fees charged by Coinbase range between 0% and 3.99%, varies by type of transaction, which is relative high compare with major exchanges No trading fee, but transactions using credit/debit cards cost up to 2.99%, and withdrawal fees are high
User Friendliness Intuitive interface, easy for both newcomers and experienced traders one of the most beginner-friendly crypto exchanges, offering rich educational materials and a straightforward trading process Less intuitive, providing limited educational resources
Service Scope Offer service to more than 6 million registered users in more than 100 countries and regions Offer service in over 100 countries and regions Service more than 80 million users in 90 countries
Customer Service Offer excellent customer service via email and live chat Provide phone, email, and chat support Poor customer service, offering only chat-based help for most issues



After comparison, it is not difficult to find that Coinbase and both have their own pros and cons. We are more inclined to introduce BTCC, one of the longest-running exchanges in the world, for crypto trading as it performs better than Coinbase and in certain aspects.

As one of the longest-running exchange in the world, BTCC is committed to making crypto trading reliable and accessible to everyone. With a mission of providing a trading platform that is fair and reliable in every sense, BTCC strives to uplift the industry’s standard for quality trading. At present, BTCC offers service in more than 100 countries and regions with more than 6 million registered users.

Except for the above-mentioned better points compared with Coinbase and, BTCC also stands out in other aspects, like high liquidity & volume, flexible leverage up to 150x, rich rewards, etc. We believe join BTCC would make your trading journey more delightful!

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