Why Should Commercial Renovators Look For Sustainable Los Angeles General Contractors?


The issue of climate change has become a major concern for every sector mainly for Los Angeles general contractors. One of the primary reasons that Los Angeles industrial general contractors are looking into ways to mitigate this problem is because studies show construction companies are one of the major producers of greenhouse gases, causing climate change.  According to the UN Environmental Program report, the sector is responsible for a staggering 37% of greenhouse gases’ global emissions. The result of it is evident not only across the world but also in Los Angeles.

How Global Warming Is Affecting Los Angeles?

This year the Los Angeles Times reported that Los Angeles saw the low-flowing Los Angeles River that was once encased in concrete roar to life and gallons of water were poured into the Pacific Ocean. The local flood channels that were once the source to ensure there is no flooding have failed to be a match for the climate change monster storm that the City of Angles faced in February. But that’s not all, it is expected that L.A. residents are only going to face worse weather with the extreme heat of 90 degrees every year from 2024 to 2040. This means 12.5 hotter days every year than the people faced between 1994 and 2013.

One of the ways the L.A. council considers mitigating the problem of greenhouse gas emissions from Los Angeles industrial general contractors is by opting for sustainable building and construction solutions. So, why should sustainable Los Angeles commercial renovation contractors be hired for any building or renovation projects? But before we do that let’s look into how the world is getting affected by construction and building’s greenhouse gas emission.

Few Figures& FactsOn Construction Companies

  • It was reported the construction industry of the US in 2022 was valued at $2.1 trillion, where commercial spending was estimated to be $97 billion.
  • In construction spending, the state of California in 2022 ranked third with $23 billion after Texas ($51 billion) and New York ($30 billion).
  • The market got a boost of 7% in nominal value in 2023 and is estimated to have a further boost in 2024.
  • However, in 2024 and the next year the construction company will be facing some unforeseen challenges, one of which is global warming, and hence plan projects keeping in mind ways to capitalize on the industry growth.
  • One such plan is to uphold sustainability in construction even when its upfront cost is more. It has been observed that the efficiency of the projects done by Los Angeles industrial general contractors balances the cost in the long term.
  • As sustainability is becoming the cornerstone of the Los Angeles industrial general contractors, adopting and using eco-friendly materials while integrating technologies that are energy efficient is becoming the key.

Is It A Priority To Hire Green Los Angeles Industrial General Contractors?

Whether commercial spaces are looking for Los Angeles office renovation contractors or building a new space most of the people of the city and California are looking for construction companies that can offer sustainability with a lower carbon footprint. It has been reported that there is a significant shift in the demand of the construction clients where they have become environmentally responsible and looking for developing projects where the Los Angeles industrial general contractors focus on using sustainable practices from designing to the completion of the project.

The need of the hour is to develop industrial and residential structures that are energy efficient and eco-friendly while using non-toxic materials, that improve the occupant’s life and have a positive impact on the environment. It is essential to note that Evolve Contractors, one of the best Los Angeles industrial general contractors understands that green construction is not only about reducing carbon emissions but also using sustainable resources and construction that can optimize these resources. Management of these includes water conservation, managing labor and material shortage, managing the supply chain, and mitigating construction costs, while using the latest construction technology, including, the use of AI, DAM software, and use of drones for construction monitoring.

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