Where did Nan Inc.’s brilliant Patrick Shin originate from?


With over 30 years of experience, Nan Inc. has become the go-to locally owned and managed general contractor in Hawaii. They provide a broad range of construction services of a high standard and have the resources (both human and material) to handle many projects at once without compromising on quality or meeting deadlines. To fulfill their deadlines and keep their costs low without compromising quality, they use the concepts of cooperation and teamwork and put professionals to work. Patrick Shin has all responsibility for everything that has happened.

Simply put, who is he? In 1990, Patrick Shin established Nan Inc. with headquarters in Honolulu, Hawaii. The man’s dream of starting what would become one of Hawaii’s premier construction companies was realized in little more than three decades. This is especially remarkable given his upbringing. In the United States, he was known as Nan Chul Shin, and his family shared a single bedroom upon his arrival from South Korea.

A soccer scholarship at Bowling Green State University made it possible for him to go to college despite hailing from a low-income background. Because of this breakthrough, Patrick Shin decided to change his major to business. Prior to departing for the mainland to start Nan Inc., he gained valuable experience as a construction worker in Hawaii for two years. The fact that Patrick Shin was the sole employee at the company did not discourage him from willingly taking on any and all responsibilities. His efforts paid off, and his building company is now well recognized.

Most impressively, though, he hasn’t let his success make him arrogant. The founder of Nan Inc. has proved that he places a high emphasis on giving back to the community by funding a health center and many scholarship programs. His company has also launched a number of projects that will help Hawaii grow and thrive in the future. The founder of Nan Inc. shares the company’s commitment to offering superior service.

It’s certain that you’ll encounter some difficulty in life.

Unfortunately, even mice and men can’t always succeed with their best-laid plans. The Nan Inc owner, Patrick Shin, found this out the hard way. It’s common for people in the construction sector to try to take advantage of new company owners. In the time of the Nan Inc. case, the scenario looked like this. Thankfully, the lawsuit against us was settled a few years ago.

Keep a watch out for things like legal action, policy changes, tax issues, and anything else that may go wrong. Because of the fact that every state has its unique rules, anybody thinking of moving there with the purpose of starting a business would do well to study up on Hawaii’s statutes in advance.

Mayra Smithey

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