What’s the best way to search for commercial sale properties in Melbourne?


Property investors can gain substantial financial benefits from investing in commercial properties as these properties tend to offer higher returns than residential properties. For investors, however, greater rewards mean greater risk.

It may also be difficult to sell the commercial property during a property slump. Even a bustling area today may become a ghost town in a few years. Also, expensive repairs can curb your cash flow if your tenants fail to pay rent. It’s for this reason that investors must have a solid understanding of how commercial property investing works before diving in headfirst.

When it comes to your first investment in commercial real estate, you don’t want to hurry into a decision without doing your research. Commercial property purchasing has different considerations than residential investment properties, and it’s important to understand that.

To ensure you buy the right property for your intended purpose, there are a few essential factors you should consider before you sign on the dotted line.

Best ways to search for commercial sale properties in Melbourne


It is also possible to find commercial properties for sale in Melbourne by networking with other business owners, industry professionals, and property investors. Networking at industry events or neighbourhood meetings is a great way to get to know other real estate owners in your neighbourhood or the area you want to acquire property.


Investment opportunities can be easily found on the internet. While there is no single database with information, brokers and sellers can list their properties on different websites. Find out what’s available by checking out Axis Property.

Social Media:

Take advantage of social media as a digital bulletin board! You can not only post what you’re looking for on your page but also share it with like-minded groups, where you may find potential sellers. You can broadcast your search to the public on countless groups online, including Facebook.


Mailing is a great idea, but it remains underrated. This method is not even considered by most investors (and people in general, for that matter). The purpose of direct mail marketing in real estate is to let homeowners know that you are interested in buying their home.

Cold Calling:

It is certainly relevant in some cases. A direct path to a property owner can be found by doing this if you are trying to contact them. You can find the property owners’ telephone numbers on the White Pages, their website, or social media.

Driving the market:

If you’re looking for investment opportunities, you shouldn’t be afraid to drive around the market. Keep an eye out for commercial properties that look like they’re falling apart, landscaping that’s been neglected for some time, or the oldest building on the block. At most times, those owners live out of state or don’t have the means to maintain the property, so you may have a chance to buy.

What is the most effective way?

You will likely find the best commercial property when you hire a commercial real estate agent since they do some of the other methods listed below. Incentives drive brokers to keep an ear to the ground for opportunities since they are paid commissions on deals they source and close.

It is often difficult to keep track of all commercial real estate listings since there is no single database that maintains, tracks and lists them all. For this reason, these brokers keep track of current and upcoming availability so they can match buyers and sellers. Their commissions are charged to the seller, so if you’re buying a property, you won’t even have to pay.

Why work with experts like Axis Property?

Axis Property has the expertise and experience to evaluate the property and analyse its value. In addition to comparing it with recent sales, their analysis provides a value-based price for buying or selling the property. In addition to advising you on the best time to buy and sell a home, they can also provide you with market information. There is more to purchasing or selling a commercial property than negotiating the sale price. Axis Property will assist with property evaluation, market assessment, asset management, and of course, the purchase and sale of properties.  

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