The Necessity of Clearance Certificates for Asbestos Building Inspection


Asbestos is a hazardous material commonly used in building construction, such as flooring, ceiling tiles, and pipe insulation. Due to its widespread use, many buildings may have asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) that can risk people’s health and structure.

When conducting an asbestos building inspection, clearance certificates are crucial in ensuring the safety of occupants and the proper management of asbestos-containing materials. Aside from this being part of compliance with regulations protecting public health and safety, here are other reasons to secure a certificate.

Verification of Removal or Remediation

When asbestos-containing materials are identified during an inspection, it is essential to take appropriate action to remove or remediate the ACMs. The removal or remediation process will result and should result in issuing a clearance certificate to verify that the asbestos has been safely and effectively managed. The certificate confirms that the necessary precautions were taken to protect the occupants and that the building is now safe to occupy.

Transaction and Liability Protection

When a building is up for selling, leasing or renovation, an asbestos clearance inspection certificate is also required (that is, alongside other clearance certificates the local industry may need.)They provide documentation that the building has been inspected and that any identified asbestos has been appropriately handled. This information will help potential buyers make informed decisions and mitigate liability issues associated with asbestos exposure.

Record-Keeping and Future Reference

Clearance certificates are essential to the building’s documentation. They create a record of asbestos inspections, removals, or remediation activities, which can be referenced in the future. This documentation is helpful for subsequent inspections, maintenance, or renovations, ensuring that asbestos-related risks are continually managed.

Clearance certificates are necessary for asbestos building inspections to verify the safe removal or remediation of asbestos-containing materials. In return for doing these inspections, compliance with regulations provides peace of mind to occupants and protects them against liability issues. 

Securing a certificate will play a crucial role in guaranteeing the safety and well-being of individuals. To get one for your building, visit Global Asbestos Audits for the best asbestos registers and management solutions.


Mayra Smithey

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