Mark Birnbaum And Partners Transform The Meatpacking District


Mark Birnbaum has rapidly finish off is the hospitality industry’s good guy, together with partners Eugene Remm and Michael Hirtenstein. Since 2006, when Mark Birnbaum partnered an eye on Remm and Hirtenstein to create EMM Group, the 3 business moguls have could transform the Meatpacking District in New You can City. Catch, SL, Abe & Arthur’s, Tenjune, and Lexington Brass a few in the venues within the Meatpacking District which have been created by EMM Group.

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EMM Group includes over 700 employees and it is constantly expand every year.Mark Birnbaum brings his experience and trendy taste for that table and infuses a cutting-edge energy into every new project. He works year-round to balance the essential concepts of financial possession and operation, causing them to be an effective entrepreneur within the city where most struggle which makes it.

EMM Group recognized getting less establishments that effectively offer multiple encounters within same position. This ignited Mark Birnbaum as well as the partners to produce multi-faceted venues that may focus on a number of crowds. For instance, their first restaurant known as Abe & Arthur’s, considered an “instant success”, has their nightclub lounge, SL, on the doorstep. Two blocks away is a second venue, Tenjune. These dynamics accommodate numerous patrons that has inevitably introduced to EMM Group’s success as being a company. Following suit is Mark Birnbaum’s much anticipated venue offered at 199 Bowery. It’s been confirmed the venue is considered because the versatile yet obtaining a loaves of bread and periodic shop, a diner which will focus on Asian fusion dishes, along with a lower level jazz club. There is no secrete that EMM Group stands much better than others within the hospitality industry.

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It did not take extended for Birnbaum to know that his drive and knack for the industry typically takes him to the peak level, but nobody might have envisioned the amount of success he’d achieve with EMM Group partners Eugene Remm and Michael Hirtenstein. Their bond of Mark Birnbaum, Eugene Remm and Michael Hirtenstein is a recipe for fast success. Each partner brings unparalleled experience and industry insight for that table that’s constantly heighten industry standards.

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