How To Choose The Best Pressure Relief Mattress


There is always pressure on the NHS to buy beds for hospital use and for care facilities, and in most cases the best option is to choose a pressure relief mattress. There are many benefits to be found with pressure relief mattresses, whether you are discussing their use within a medical facility for short-term use, or for long-term care and recuperation. When painful pressure points are experienced by many people where body parts dig into the surface of a mattress, a pressure relief mattress will certainly help for a more comfortable sleep. 

With some traditional mattresses you might find that no matter how much you move around on the mattress, or turn the mattress every now and then, you’ll still encounter uncomfortable areas of the bed, leading to painful pressure points. The best pressure relief mattresses are designed to redistribute weight more evenly, but this will change from mattress type to mattress type. A specialist medical upholstery manufacturer and supplier understands how to create the perfect mattress to help alleviate the pain and discomfort that pressure points can cause.

What is pressure relief?

A mattress that disperses body weight evenly is a pressure relief mattress. It is designed to help prevent sore spots on the body due to the relief of pressure. This is tied to the firmness and support of the mattress in question, with some contouring and comfort systems in place to support the curve of each individual body, and therefore reducing the force that common contact areas on the body encounter when sleeping on a mattress. You find this most commonly with the hips or shoulders. 

Testing pressure relief mattresses

Pressure relief is such an important part of a mattress, especially those used within a medical setting, that the testing procedure must be a thorough one. Thorough testing ensures that the pressure build-up and mapping is accurate, assessing how well the mattress performs under various pressures.

Choosing a pressure relief mattress

The best type of mattress to assist with pressure relief will depend on a few circumstances. For instance, the weight of a person, their preferred sleeping position, and areas of the body that are extra-sensitive, will all require a different level of pressure relief. When this concerns use within a medical facility or a care home, there must be greater balance as the mattresses will be used by different people and body types over time. Medical foam mattresses, hybrid models, and thick comfort systems are all potential choices for those who want individuals to have higher levels of pressure relief. A zoned support mattress or latex mattress might be the preference for heavier individuals and those who prefer to sleep on their stomach.

Types of pressure relief mattress include:

  • Foam medical mattresses
  • Latex mattresses
  • Hybrid comfort over coil support mattresses
  • Innerspring mattresses
  • Airbeds

When sourcing pressure relief mattresses and other types of medical foam mattress or healthcare upholstery, it is important that you can trust the manufacturer and supplier. As you can see, pressure relief mattresses play a vital role in helping patients and care home residents feel much more comfortable when they sleep. Whether in use for short-term recovery or long-term comfort, a good medical mattress makes a world of difference, providing relief from the painful experience of pressure points. A reliable medical mattress manufacturer provides the highest quality of fabric and helps you ensure that you are meeting the needs of your patients and residents.

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