How Durex Brand Grow: What Marketers Don’t Know


In the ever-evolving world of marketing, the quest to understand consumer behavior and drive brand growth is a constant challenge. Marketers have long relied on traditional strategies and theories to propel their brands forward, but recent research has shed new light on the subject. “How Brands Grow,” a groundbreaking book by Byron Sharp, challenges many conventional marketing beliefs and offers fresh insights into what truly drives brand growth. In this article, we’ll explore some key concepts from the book, and we’ll take a closer look at how a brand like Durex has applied these principles to its advantage.

1. Reach a Broader Audience

One of the fundamental principles outlined in “How Brands Grow” is the importance of reaching a broad audience. Sharp argues that, contrary to popular belief, successful brands tend to have a wide user base rather than a narrow, loyal following. This is because, in most markets, the vast majority of consumers are light buyers, and a brand must continuously attract these potential customers.

Durex, a well-known brand in the sexual health and wellness industry, understands this principle well. While they certainly have a loyal customer base, Durex also seeks to expand its reach by targeting new and diverse audiences. They’ve introduced various product lines to cater to different needs, such as condoms, lubricants, and sex toys, ensuring that they can appeal to a broad spectrum of consumers.

  1. The Power of Mental Availability

Sharp emphasizes the concept of “mental availability” as a key driver of brand growth. It involves ensuring that your brand is top of mind for consumers when they are making purchasing decisions. This can be achieved through consistent and distinctive branding and advertising.

Durex’s marketing campaigns exemplify this principle. Their iconic logo and memorable tagline, “Love Sex Durex,” have helped establish strong mental availability among consumers. When people think of sexual health and intimacy products, Durex often comes to mind first, thanks to their effective branding efforts.

  1. Steady, Ongoing Advertising

Another revelation from “How Brands Grow” is the idea that brands should maintain a steady and ongoing advertising presence, rather than relying on short-term campaigns. Consistency in advertising helps reinforce a brand’s mental availability and keeps it relevant in the minds of consumers.

Durex’s marketing strategy aligns with this principle. They consistently invest in advertising and maintain a strong online and offline presence. Whether it’s through TV commercials, social media, or partnerships with sexual health organizations, Durex ensures that their brand remains in the public eye, fostering long-term consumer loyalty.

4. Continuous Innovation

Sharp stresses the importance of continuous innovation to meet evolving consumer needs. Brands that adapt and introduce new products or features tend to have a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Durex’s commitment to innovation is evident through its product development efforts. They regularly launch new products and improve existing ones to cater to changing consumer preferences. From ultra-thin condoms for heightened sensitivity to innovative lubricants designed for various uses, Durex shows that they are attuned to the evolving needs of their customers.


“How Brands Grow” challenges many traditional marketing assumptions and provides a fresh perspective on achieving brand growth. The principles outlined in the book, such as reaching a broad audience, building mental availability, maintaining steady advertising, and continuous innovation, offer valuable insights for marketers in all industries.

Durex, a brand synonymous with sexual health and intimacy products, exemplifies these principles in its marketing strategies. By targeting a diverse audience, establishing strong mental availability, maintaining consistent advertising, and continuously innovating their product offerings, Durex has successfully grown its brand over the years.

In a rapidly changing marketing landscape, embracing these principles from “How Brands Grow” can help brands like Durex stay relevant, resonate with consumers, and continue to thrive in the market. The key takeaway is that what marketers don’t know or might have overlooked can be the very thing that propels their brands to new heights.


Mayra Smithey

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