Grants for Faith Based Organizations


Grants for faith-based churches and religious organizations are available to support a wide range of activities and initiatives, including community outreach, humanitarian efforts, capital improvement projects, and more. While faith-based organizations cannot typically receive government grants for religious activities, they may be eligible for grants that fund secular programs that benefit the community. Here are some potential sources of funding for faith-based churches and organizations:

  1. **Community Foundations:** Many community foundations provide grants to support local nonprofit organizations, including faith-based groups, for community improvement projects, social services, and educational programs.
  2. **Private Foundations:** Some private foundations may offer grants to faith-based organizations for specific projects that align with their mission and values. Foundations like the Lilly Endowment and the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations are examples.
  3. **Corporate Philanthropy:** Some corporations offer grants to faith-based organizations for community development, youth programs, and other initiatives that benefit their service areas.
  4. **Humanitarian and Relief Organizations:** Faith-based organizations engaged in humanitarian and relief work may receive funding from international organizations like the United Nations and nonprofit organizations like World Vision and Samaritan’s Purse.
  5. **Denominational Grants:** Many denominations and religious associations offer grants to their member churches and organizations for mission work, community outreach, and church development.
  6. **Community Development Block Grants (CDBG):** Some local governments allocate CDBG funds to support community development projects undertaken by nonprofit organizations, including faith-based groups.
  7. **Homelessness and Housing Grants:** Faith-based organizations providing shelter and housing services for homeless individuals and families may receive grants from government agencies, including the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
  8. **Youth and Education Grants:** Grants for youth programs, afterschool activities, and educational initiatives are available from various sources, including foundations and local government agencies.
  9. **Arts and Culture Grants:** Faith-based organizations involved in arts and cultural activities, such as music and theater, may apply for arts grants offered by foundations and government agencies.
  10. **Historic Preservation Grants:** If your church has historical significance, you may be eligible for historic preservation grants from government agencies and preservation organizations.

When seeking grants for your faith-based church or organization, it’s crucial to carefully review each grant opportunity’s eligibility criteria and application guidelines. Be prepared to demonstrate how your proposed project or program benefits the community or addresses specific needs without promoting religious activities. A great resource for grants is Keep in mind that some foundations and grant programs have specific restrictions on funding religious activities, so it’s essential to clearly distinguish between religious and secular activities in your grant proposal.


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